Noyce – Moment’s Good [EP]

When should you start listening to this EP? This moment’s good. Actually, this one folks…you should download immediately. Noyce, UK producer, released Moment’s Good on Oct. 10th and it’s his second release this year that I’ve fallen in love with. And, now he’s someone that’ll be on my radar forever. His previous oddly-titled release Shmank set the tone for what he’s all about: downtempo electronic music with all the subtle percussive wonders and guitar meanderings, shakers, and bells you could ask for. Moment’s Good is all that goodness refined.It’s Sunday Records’ first release. Sunday Records is spearheaded by Marinate frequent Ta-ku and its mission statement is this, “AN INDEPENDENT COLLECTIVE & LABEL FROM PERTH, AUSTRALIA. MERELY A PLATFORM TO UNEARTH TALENTED FAMILY AND FRIENDS.” It’s good to have talented friends, am I right? Check this EP out right now.    

Noyce – Always (Moment’s Good SNDY001) from Sunday Records on Vimeo.

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