Noyce – Moment’s Good [EP]

When should you start listening to this EP? This moment’s good. Actually, this one folks…you should download immediately. Noyce, UK producer, released Moment’s Good on Oct. 10th and it’s his second release this year that I’ve fallen in love with. And, now he’s someone that’ll be on my radar forever. His previous oddly-titled release Shmank set the tone for what he’s all about: downtempo electronic music with all … Continue reading Noyce – Moment’s Good [EP]

Noyce – Shmank [Album]

Been fairly busy lately—so busy that I’ve been sleeping on some fantastic stuff. One of those ‘fantastic’ releases happens to be Noyce‘s Shmank. What’s a shmank? According to Urban Dictionary (which is more accurate if you’re of the 21st century & an internet fiend) shmank means, “To wipe your hands under your crotch and sweaty testicles, then slap someone.” [via] Let’s contextualize: Noyce, UK producer, is offering … Continue reading Noyce – Shmank [Album]