Holland Scarth – Mclean Deluxe [Album]

There’s something to this funky introduction to Cincinnati producer Holland Scarth. The album is a collaboration with rapper Devin Burgess. McLean Deluxe is a slow drawling jam session of seemingly re-purposed ’80s-era soundscapes. The nine tracks feature an array of heavily reverberated snares, spacey pads and syrupy vocals. Definitely worth a listen. Continue reading Holland Scarth – Mclean Deluxe [Album]

Ostinato – Memory Loss [LP]

Ostinato’s Memory Loss is nine tracks of nonstop action. The Australian producer crafts his latest LP using a blend of juke elements, house, and bass sensibilities. He employs droning backdrops, quickly paced drumwork, button mashing blips and synth leads that sound like they’re powering up a space vessel into warp drive. Listen to this one and take a trip down memory lane…in the fast lane. Continue reading Ostinato – Memory Loss [LP]

Paddy Fred – “Laminate” Feat. LP

Paddy Fred is a producer who makes some beautiful soulful electronic music. And, he’s a cool guy. He’s from New Zealand, a country known for its gorgeous landscapes…sprawling mountain areas, low hanging clouds and lush vegetation. “Laminate”, a single from his latest EP Laminate, sounds like he’s preserving/laminating that image into a 3-minute soundwave. The Kiwi producer teams up with Lisa Preston and it’s a journey to … Continue reading Paddy Fred – “Laminate” Feat. LP

shak. – “Maybe, U” [MM Premiere]

I first encountered shak.‘s music through this fantastic remix collection of his which no longer exists online, sorry folks. He flipped Jeremih, Drake, and made it all his own—driving, downtempo, dark versions. (I’m lucky I got a DL in!) Marinate has the pleasure of premiering his newest creation. He says, “it’s different from my other work,” but that’s not a bad thing. shak. is a young … Continue reading shak. – “Maybe, U” [MM Premiere]

Noyce – Moment’s Good [EP]

When should you start listening to this EP? This moment’s good. Actually, this one folks…you should download immediately. Noyce, UK producer, released Moment’s Good on Oct. 10th and it’s his second release this year that I’ve fallen in love with. And, now he’s someone that’ll be on my radar forever. His previous oddly-titled release Shmank set the tone for what he’s all about: downtempo electronic music with all … Continue reading Noyce – Moment’s Good [EP]

Luminary Youth – Satorion [EP]

Luminary Youth‘s bio goes like this, “Raised by wolves but ultimately rejected.” [via] Maybe he just preferred the lone wolf role he takes on as electronic producer extraordinaire over just following what the pack is doing.  Hearing Gold earlier today (09/3/2012) was quick to point out how fantastic LY’s new track “Honey” is (because it really is fantastic), but in my opinion it’s only the tip of the iceberg … Continue reading Luminary Youth – Satorion [EP]

Devonwho – Perfect Strangers Vol. 2

How can you not get hyped about an upside-down ’50s hairdo plastered on a mountain? Stop being so plain and get down w/ these jams. Devonwho, All City Dublin artist, dropped Perfect Stangers Vol. 2 on August 15th, (a follow-up to his previous release PS Vol. 1, duh). The artwork, an odd collage, is thanks to Patti Miller (whose art I have great respect for). The package … Continue reading Devonwho – Perfect Strangers Vol. 2