Devonwho – Perfect Strangers Vol. 2

How can you not get hyped about an upside-down ’50s hairdo plastered on a mountain? Stop being so plain and get down w/ these jams. Devonwho, All City Dublin artist, dropped Perfect Stangers Vol. 2 on August 15th, (a follow-up to his previous release PS Vol. 1, duh). The artwork, an odd collage, is thanks to Patti Miller (whose art I have great respect for). The package is the perfect compliment to the release’s six tracks—some spastic 8-bit, massage-the-GameBoy, synth lead coated gems. Perfect Strangers features some not so strange features by fellow quirky, off-beat producer Swarvy, Teeko and Zeroh. Time to get familiar with some perfect strangers, maybe grab a bottle, tell some funny stories and turn the music way up.

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