(Dose) – So This Is Where We Are [Album]

Jeremy Rike, a.k.a. Dose, a.k.a. slick sampler/electronic producer with a flair for extracting light, emotive snippets, has just dropped his newest album So This Is Where We Are. It’s a question we’ve all asked before: usually when it seems like everything is falling down around us: “So, this is where we are?” For me, the album seems to traverse the psyche of someone asking that question, contemplating it, chewing on it—either numb or free or wondering. “Harder” has a dense backdrop, one with middling synths and howling vocals. It’s a hauntingly dreamy track. “Feel As Good As This” is a blissful, carefree song with a creepy edge (its ghostly falsetto) and one I’ve been playing nonstop. Snag this one folks—it’s some emotive electronic music with an affection for hip-hop. Yup.

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