Creature In The Woods // Marinate Mix

No, Creature In The Woods isn’t a backwoods folk band from Des Moines, Iowa. Creature In The Woods is a solo music venture by New York producer Tyler Morrisette. He builds energetic beats with crafty drumwork, thoughtful synth patterns, and he collaborates with some extremely talented vocalists. His (debut) self-titled EP is truly one of the best short releases of 2014. 

His mix offers up some of his original tracks, remixes, and also features some of his favorites from FLYamSam, Cypress Hill and BBNG, among others. This mix captures the best of different genres and styles that have influenced Morrisette’s work. This mix is a great introduction. Keep an ear to the ground because Creature In The Woods is an emerging talent and we expect him to do big things in 2015. Hit the jump for the tracklist. 

Artwork: Henri Lamy


JiveBombers – Bad Boy
Djemba Djemba – I Just Go (Falcons remix)
Russ Liquid – Acid for Wagner (feat. Thriftworks)
J. Lately – Please (feat. Vell Taylor)
Marble – LL (Ta-Ku remix)
FLYamSAM – The Off Beat
Nas Ft. AZ – Life’s a Bitch (Creature In The Woods remix)
Pomo – So Fine
Rick Ross Ft. Kanye West X Big Sean – Sanctified (Brenmar remix)
Falcons – Cell
Cypress Hill – Lock Down
Mount Kimbie – 50 Mile View
Freddie Gibbs & Madlib – Shame (Badbadnotgood remix)
Creature In The Woods – Beneath The Sun (feat. Elisa Coia)
Parliament – Flashlight
Falcons – Vroom
9th Wonder – Think Good Thoughts (Instrumental)
Alice Coltrane – Turiya and Ramakrishna
Ifan Dafydd – Miranda

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