Flume – “Holdin On”

By: Rosaleen Gallagher

The second track I fell in love with yesterday is by a young Australian producer who goes by Flume. Flume’s tracks and remixes generally tend to be more on the fun side, with happy electro beats and lots of reverb. In his typical fun-loving fashion, Flume’s new track, “Holdin’ On”, brings that same high energy, feel-good vibe to the table, but this time, with less of an electro feel and more of a revamped, almost gospel-sounding motown style. 

Flume’s production style on this track actually reminds me lot of Gramatik, who is the creator of the Street Bangerz beat tapes and a hip-hop beat maker that I absolutely adore. The style is relatively simple, without the complex layering and soundscapes that I am typically attracted to, but as a hip-hop beat junkie, I immediately responded to the soulful sample punctuated by each energetically charged beat. And hey, I can’t hate on that passionate, organic sound. The only thing that would make this better is if the vocals were actually sampled from vinyl and had that signature analog warmth and crackle. 

This track is just meant to be fun and get you up out of your seat. And, it works. A perfect party maker, this will no doubt make the cut for your weekend pre-funk, pre-game playlist.


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