(Dose) – When We Were High [Album]

(Dose) is not a pill, drop or lozenge. He’s not a vitamin. He’s a syringe to the ear-buds—a dose of woozy, driving beats straight to the brain. When We Were High is 12 tracks of piano samples, squealing up-pitched vocals and ambient cloud cover music. It’s hard to describe the proper density of these beats, but if clouds were music these tracks would be fog. There’s a nighttime at the carnival vibe: half-bright lights, slo-mo tilt-a-whirl action and a thin veil of cotton candy sweetness. Unlike his Moments EP (a ode to ’90s pop) it’s a moodier release, less focused, shifting palates between crushing bass to silky R&B displays (pads, electro piano, vocal slices). You need to pick this album up.

Drugs for your ears: http://soundcloud.com/dose82

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