Elaquent – The Scenic Route [Album]

No one takes the scenic route any more. It’s the joke a lost father says to his anxious children, “We’re TAKING the scenic route.” Everything moves fast, direct, overnight and sometimes it takes artists like Elaquent to slow things down. “Black Magic” employs cool, breezy keys, sharp snares and takes its time to build—it’s as if his R&B means ‘relax’ and ‘breathe’. It’s chilled out. It’s … Continue reading Elaquent – The Scenic Route [Album]

Elegant Animals – Spectrum Nocturnal [EP]

Elegant Animals is R&B meets Frank Ocean’s cousin, meets bedroom music, meets organic, overdub vibes, plus three years of guitar lessons. Spectrum Nocturnal is seven tracks of Philly neo-soul—guitar licks, back-‘n-forth piano and the occasional dark synth bass. It’s dope. Where it doesn’t succeed is in it’s predictable, archetypal songwriting “It was another dream, common theme”, “It was my mistake.” (“My Mistake” being a Marvin … Continue reading Elegant Animals – Spectrum Nocturnal [EP]

(Dose) – When We Were High [Album]

(Dose) is not a pill, drop or lozenge. He’s not a vitamin. He’s a syringe to the ear-buds—a dose of woozy, driving beats straight to the brain. When We Were High is 12 tracks of piano samples, squealing up-pitched vocals and ambient cloud cover music. It’s hard to describe the proper density of these beats, but if clouds were music these tracks would be fog. There’s a nighttime at … Continue reading (Dose) – When We Were High [Album]

Monster Rally – “Sun Bum” (Rimar Remix)

Monster Rally released his Crystal Ball LP a couple months ago. I was sold. This dude can straight-up manipulate a track into something you’d hear on your friend’s “Puerto Vallarta beach tape”. Imagine all your buddies piled into a car sneaking Keystone Ice (I do not condone drinking and driving, drink responsibly and obey the speed limit or stay on the down low about it) and this’ll … Continue reading Monster Rally – “Sun Bum” (Rimar Remix)