Monster Rally – “Sun Bum” (Rimar Remix)

Monster Rally released his Crystal Ball LP a couple months ago. I was sold. This dude can straight-up manipulate a track into something you’d hear on your friend’s “Puerto Vallarta beach tape”. Imagine all your buddies piled into a car sneaking Keystone Ice (I do not condone drinking and driving, drink responsibly and obey the speed limit or stay on the down low about it) and this’ll become the soundtrack for your sun-filled adventures. Rimar, also from Ohio, comes in and Boom! he remixes “Sun Bum” from MR’s album Coral to make an upbeat, drum slapping beat. Coral II is just so, so good. 

If you’re feeling generous snag the album here. Or, if you’re a poor college student like me just stream and enjoy.   

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