RIMAR // Marinate Mix

RIMAR / Marinate Mix [MM Premiere] Artist: RIMAR Artwork: Paul Smith RIMAR is a fantastic new age r&b producer. On his two most recent releases, Higher Ground and Closer,he crafts soulful sounds that drift and smoke. It’s an auditory experience. The Ohio to Brooklyn beat-smith has also been known to DJ from time to time. His Marinate Mix entitled RAIN is a hour long dance party jam-packed with jams by Fellows and Island Noyze, … Continue reading RIMAR // Marinate Mix

RIM4R – Closer [Album]

So, is RIMAR pronounced Re-Mar or Rim-Are? I’d like to think it’s Re-Mar because his sounds are extremely replayable. Closer‘s six (seven if you include the 24 second intro) tracks deserve a second, third, fourth listen to fully grasp what’s going on with all the layers he’s producing. On one level it’s a bed of clouds. Another floor up it’s angels playing harp, tinkering, plucking and … Continue reading RIM4R – Closer [Album]

Monster Rally – “Sun Bum” (Rimar Remix)

Monster Rally released his Crystal Ball LP a couple months ago. I was sold. This dude can straight-up manipulate a track into something you’d hear on your friend’s “Puerto Vallarta beach tape”. Imagine all your buddies piled into a car sneaking Keystone Ice (I do not condone drinking and driving, drink responsibly and obey the speed limit or stay on the down low about it) and this’ll … Continue reading Monster Rally – “Sun Bum” (Rimar Remix)