I’m not sure what kind of running BEWILDERBEAST engages in, but it’s not from this world. At least, not from this decade. Running is definitely not catered for those sad sober people who like their running to be “exercise”. It’s getaway music—cool escape music for criminals who like walking away from explosions in slow motion. Maybe this kind off brand dance music was the norm around … Continue reading BEWILDERBEAST – Running [EP]

The Dope List:

1. (top left) CAN’T – Wasted [EP] Chicago producer puts together a debut effort that’s both intriguing and difficult. 2. (top right) The Allergies –Big Star / Symphonics  The Allergies is the all-new production/DJ outfit from heavyweight disc jocks Rackabeat (Chai Wallahs) and DJ Moneyshot (Solid Steel). [via] 3. (bottom left) Myke Forte – Cosmik Panda [EP] Dope beats, heavy synth use and solid production make … Continue reading The Dope List:

s / s / s – Beak & Claw [EP]

What happens when Sufjan Stevens, Serengeti and Son Lux make a record together? Beak & Claw happens. Three listens down and I’m still trying to decide what the hell is going on. There’s no way to categorize this meshing of musical characters aside from blinding saying it’s an electronic, sci-fi musical. “Museum Day” features pitch-corrected falsetto, clicks, pulsing synths, Serengeti’s spoken word and somehow Sufjan Stevens … Continue reading s / s / s – Beak & Claw [EP]

Sauce – Sauce [EP]

Everyone should know that there’s no substitute for a fresh, remembered recipe, made-from-scratch sauce. That’s Italian cooking 101. Sauce, a.k.a. Quinton Nicholson, isn’t Italian, but judging by his debut EP Sauce he follows the culture’s golden rule—nothing canned; always fresh. The six (glitch, drum & bass, wonky) tracks feature oddball samples, bass for days and an indistinguishable rhythm that’ll both astonish and confuse the senses. This … Continue reading Sauce – Sauce [EP]

(Dose) – When We Were High [Album]

(Dose) is not a pill, drop or lozenge. He’s not a vitamin. He’s a syringe to the ear-buds—a dose of woozy, driving beats straight to the brain. When We Were High is 12 tracks of piano samples, squealing up-pitched vocals and ambient cloud cover music. It’s hard to describe the proper density of these beats, but if clouds were music these tracks would be fog. There’s a nighttime at … Continue reading (Dose) – When We Were High [Album]

RxGibbs – Bleu Celeste [EP]

First, there’s an entire website dedicated to “I like my women like my ____” jokes. Secondly, most are stupid (like I like my women, jk jk). Thirdly, all that was irrelevant. What is relevant, hip and now are these RxGibbs joints. Exactly how relevant? Well, their new futures ep is gaining steam on sites like, XLR8R and Lost Lost Lost. So, yeah, they’re pretty chill. But, before all … Continue reading RxGibbs – Bleu Celeste [EP]