RxGibbs – Bleu Celeste [EP]

First, there’s an entire website dedicated to “I like my women like my ____” jokes. Secondly, most are stupid (like I like my women, jk jk). Thirdly, all that was irrelevant. What is relevant, hip and now are these RxGibbs joints. Exactly how relevant? Well, their new futures ep is gaining steam on sites like, XLR8R and Lost Lost Lost. So, yeah, they’re pretty chill. But, before all the buzz they released this four-track aerated beat-tape that is definitely better than the aforementioned track. Bleu Celeste is an ethereal, rolling thunder kind of rainy day brought on by synchronized dancing. I can’t decide if I’m actually taking part in a tribal, peyote accompanied ritual or listening to what they call “electronic, ambient, dub.” Regardless, it’s a trip and it’s a damn good one.

Follow while it’s still cool: http://soundcloud.com/rxgibbs

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