Sorrow – Art Is Dead [EP]

BY: Rosaleen Gallagher

We have all been through it. A time in our lives where chaos and uncertainty are at the forefront, we don’t know what the right choices are, if we are good enough, if we are making these people happy. New job, new place to live, new relationship – all the old emotions, new emotions, the uncertainty about which path to follow…past and present, intertwining in this complicated, human, and innately confusing mess of feelings. I feel that Sorrow’s new EP, Art is Dead, arrived at a perfect, pivotal point in my life where I was right there, in tune with every track, every note, every melody. I felt that I was listening to my own life, instrumentally filtered, through my headphones.

Sorrow‘s tracks have always been positively gorgeous,  almost heartbreaking, with so many stunning and complex layers, but this feels different. It feels sad, and emotional, but somehow still hopeful. So many artists when composing something this rich, and fluid and emotional, forget to bring the optimism that comes with the feelings of love, loss and change. That silver lining. 

Not Sorrow. His basslines have such a purpose, each ghostly vocal sample is perfectly placed, like some fading memory from the past, every melody, every glitched-out moment is exactly where it should be. He brings just the right amount of emotion and longing in each precisely layered track. This EP is simply a work of art. I don’t think I have ever heard anything so lovely from start to finish. I wouldn’t change one note.

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