Ahwlee – chillist. [Beat Tape]

Ahwlee, California-based producer, is an artist I have fun covering on Marinate. His past two releases have been chilled out hip-hop beats that marinate in thick Roland chords. It’s something of a trademark of his—to turn down the speed of boom-bap, produce a leisurely pace and dim the lights. There’s bedroom music and then there’s bedroom music. “Cuddles” samples Kem’s “I Can’t Stop Loving You,”  just … Continue reading Ahwlee – chillist. [Beat Tape]

(Dose) – When We Were High [Album]

(Dose) is not a pill, drop or lozenge. He’s not a vitamin. He’s a syringe to the ear-buds—a dose of woozy, driving beats straight to the brain. When We Were High is 12 tracks of piano samples, squealing up-pitched vocals and ambient cloud cover music. It’s hard to describe the proper density of these beats, but if clouds were music these tracks would be fog. There’s a nighttime at … Continue reading (Dose) – When We Were High [Album]

Ahwlee – Sweetkisses [EP]

Ahwlee brings that lipstick on the collar, sweet perfume smell to a beat tape like Barry White brings sensuality to the bedroom. Get some! With snapping snares, sustained piano chords and trance-like loops he cools hip-hop beats way down. “Candles” has some sparse leads, back-and-forth pads and all that is chill musak. It’s five bucks to cop the seven track release, but it’ll get you … Continue reading Ahwlee – Sweetkisses [EP]

RAJA – Witch

RAJA is the witch doctor of beats. He put out a string of beat tapes in a week’s time and they’re all awesome. He might have actually used a touch of dark magic to make these tracks sing. “Costumes” sets up the eerie vibe with a crackling vinyl and deadpan samples. From there it wobbles and has an aura that’s meant for vampires in the casket. … Continue reading RAJA – Witch