Mr. Troy x Junclassic – Figures [Album]

“This album is dope.” That’s pretty subjective, right? Well, there are several “scientific” reasons why Figures is, in fact, dope.

1.) BEATS. 100% of these beats are ill. Mr. Troy, Parisian MPC wizard, brings the heat on these 13 tracks.

2) 9/10 Dentists agree, Junclassic is the emcee of choice for these spastic, sample-heavy productions. The New York rapper’s deep bass rumblings are the peanut butter to these jelly sweet beats.

3) According to a study by Stanford Medical, “DUDE, this shit is tight!”

4) Sources close to the MC/Producer combo say, “Yeah, they pretty much killed it. And, yeah, Tebow is great for football.” 

So, as you can see Figures should be in your music rotation for the next week or two.

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