Mr. Troy x Junclassic – Figures [Album]

“This album is dope.” That’s pretty subjective, right? Well, there are several “scientific” reasons why Figures is, in fact, dope. 1.) BEATS. 100% of these beats are ill. Mr. Troy, Parisian MPC wizard, brings the heat on these 13 tracks. 2) 9/10 Dentists agree, Junclassic is the emcee of choice for these spastic, sample-heavy productions. The New York rapper’s deep bass rumblings are the peanut butter … Continue reading Mr. Troy x Junclassic – Figures [Album]

Keor Meteor – Inner Space [EP]

We’re not alone. We know this, right? Big universe, we’ve discovered several planets that could support life, yadda, yadda. But, do you believe in UFOs, man, you know, “ALIENS.” That we’ve been visited a la Close Encounters, Signs…. Well, I’ve been silently following Keor Meteor for a while now. The Parisian hip-hop producer is a socially conscious sampling machine who’s frequently injecting news soundbites and documentary commentary … Continue reading Keor Meteor – Inner Space [EP]