Keor Meteor – Inner Space [EP]

We’re not alone. We know this, right? Big universe, we’ve discovered several planets that could support life, yadda, yadda. But, do you believe in UFOs, man, you know, “ALIENS.” That we’ve been visited a la Close Encounters, Signs…. Well, I’ve been silently following Keor Meteor for a while now. The Parisian hip-hop producer is a socially conscious sampling machine who’s frequently injecting news soundbites and documentary commentary into his sounds. And, on Inner Space, his newest EP, he takes on the notion that we may not be alone by cranking out these paranoid jazzy beats. For the release’s 15 minute runtime you’ll be nodding your head, “Yes,” to the sounds of its crazy dope boom-bap, UFO talk. (Real talk: If you’re ever trying to persuade someone it always works best when you do it over a dope beat.) (Sidenote: That’s possibly how Mac Miller persuaded people into thinking he was good.) Keor Meteor, Inner Space, get it, because aliens. 

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