Flamingosis – “She Loved Me”

If you’re a fan of chopped up funk, samba and soul riffs with an electronic flair then Aaron Velasquez’s alter ego Flamingosis needs to be on your radar. The Dilla-inspired boom-bap producer often re-imagines classic hip-hop jawns and flips them into groovy, dancefloor bound renditions. Flamingosis’s latest beat “She Loved Me” is an upbeat rework of The Cyrkle’s “The Visit (She Was Here).“ Its guitar … Continue reading Flamingosis – “She Loved Me”

Keor Meteor – Inner Space [EP]

We’re not alone. We know this, right? Big universe, we’ve discovered several planets that could support life, yadda, yadda. But, do you believe in UFOs, man, you know, “ALIENS.” That we’ve been visited a la Close Encounters, Signs…. Well, I’ve been silently following Keor Meteor for a while now. The Parisian hip-hop producer is a socially conscious sampling machine who’s frequently injecting news soundbites and documentary commentary … Continue reading Keor Meteor – Inner Space [EP]

TeV95 – Crime Loops [Beat Tape]

Some call it stealing, some call it reinvention, for me, sampling in hip-hop is a necessity. TeV95 samples, borrows, steals and loops bits of soul records until they’re hissing golden-era sounds. He describes this beat tape like this: Crime Loops is a collage of beats edits and loops, that sound exude a taste of urban culture with a hint of Brooklyn’s art renaissance. [via] Well, on “Not … Continue reading TeV95 – Crime Loops [Beat Tape]


Boxy Brown BKBROWN, producer who identifies with both Chicago and San Diego (two tortured sports cities, unless you’re from the south side,) puts together a nice lil’ beat tape for your enjoyment. 17 AFFAIR features sampled piano, backwards walking movement and  heavy bass to create some good ole’ boom-to-the-bap. Today, I’ve been catching up on my comics (i.e., Chew, Walking Dead, American Vampire, Sweet Tooth, other … Continue reading BKBROWN -17AFFAIR [Beat Tape]

Abnormal – Speaking In Midi [Beat Tape]

Speaking In Midi is both a beat tape by 19 year-old producer, Abnormal, and a goal of mine to accomplish. Abnormal says, “The title ‘Speaking In MIDI’ is a play on the phrase speaking in code. Instead of relying on words to convey a message I let the instrumentals tell a story.” Being fluent in ‘MIDI’ would allow me to better translate this release’s blips, pads … Continue reading Abnormal – Speaking In Midi [Beat Tape]