Abnormal – Speaking In Midi [Beat Tape]

Speaking In Midi is both a beat tape by 19 year-old producer, Abnormal, and a goal of mine to accomplish. Abnormal says, “The title ‘Speaking In MIDI’ is a play on the phrase speaking in code. Instead of relying on words to convey a message I let the instrumentals tell a story. Being fluent in ‘MIDI’ would allow me to better translate this release’s blips, pads and fleeting chorus stabs into perfect prose. “Scott & Ramona,” in plain English, is a boom bap, bass smash, orchestral back and forth beat. Something odd happens 30 seconds in as Common’s “The Light” makes a cameo appearance—it throws away its rhythm for a poorly placed acapella. That said this tape is dope, dank juice, awesome music.

It’s better than Rosetta Stone: http://iamabnormal.bandcamp.com/

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