StewRat – Comfort [Album]

“Love, Live, Life, Proceed, Progress,” describes StewRat‘s Comfort as perfectly as possible. It’s also the first sample on “LLLPP” and the thematic arc for the project. The album’s fifteen tracks are minimalistically titled beats, (i.e., “Cash”, “Honey”, “News”,) that are reminiscent of some found shopping list. Boom bap lovers and hip-hop heads will enjoy this release. Continue reading StewRat – Comfort [Album]

Abnormal – Speaking In Midi [Beat Tape]

Speaking In Midi is both a beat tape by 19 year-old producer, Abnormal, and a goal of mine to accomplish. Abnormal says, “The title ‘Speaking In MIDI’ is a play on the phrase speaking in code. Instead of relying on words to convey a message I let the instrumentals tell a story.” Being fluent in ‘MIDI’ would allow me to better translate this release’s blips, pads … Continue reading Abnormal – Speaking In Midi [Beat Tape]

Suhnraw – Soul. [Beat Tape]

Soul. has a period in the title, because that’s what this album is…period. Done. Fin. No more descriptive details necessary. Suhnraw just brings out that funk, bumpin’, two-step, vocoder breathing, soul. From the Bobby Caldwell inspired cover art to the Keith Mansfield sampling on “Sso”, this tape is certified freshly-baked, just-out-the-oven hot. Not the Egyptian Sun God: Continue reading Suhnraw – Soul. [Beat Tape]

LAKIM – E L E V A T E [Album]

el · e · vate –  1. To move to a higher place or position from a lower one. 2. To increase the amplitude, intensity, or volume of. 3. To promote to a higher rank. 4. To raise to a higher moral, cultural, or intellectual level. 5. To lift the spirits of.  The sound expands. Souls uplift. Head nods commence. [via]  LA-LA-LA-LA-LAKIM meditates and crafts a few instrumentals for … Continue reading LAKIM – E L E V A T E [Album]

Ta-ku – D U S T Y [Beat Tape]

I really need to hop a flight to Australia. For one, I’d really love to go to a bar and say, “I’ll have a Foster’s, please.” Secondly, the music is amazing (didgeridoo you know what I’m saying?) Ignore that joke for your own safety/health. Ta-ku, a Red Bull Academy participant, skilled producer and proud Australian just released D U S T Y—19 scratchy, clear-your-throat hip-hop … Continue reading Ta-ku – D U S T Y [Beat Tape]

10th Letter – Virgo Rising [Album]

This cat is a seventh letter ‘OG’. Really? 10th Letter is a producer from “Somewhere Else, USA”. The 10th letter in the alphabet is K (duh, right?) which could stand for K-iller beats, K-strikeout hurler, K-ick drum kid or K-icking puppies. Virgo Rising dropped in January, so I’m late to the punch, but these hip-hop/world-beat tracks age very well (like your moms!) I’m pretty much … Continue reading 10th Letter – Virgo Rising [Album]