10th Letter – Virgo Rising [Album]

This cat is a seventh letter ‘OG’. Really? 10th Letter is a producer from “Somewhere Else, USA”. The 10th letter in the alphabet is K (duh, right?) which could stand for K-iller beats, K-strikeout hurler, K-ick drum kid or K-icking puppies. Virgo Rising dropped in January, so I’m late to the punch, but these hip-hop/world-beat tracks age very well (like your moms!) I’m pretty much in love with whataboutthebeats.tumblr.com and they’ve hipped me to his wonderful tape. Y’all need this like the tenth letter needs an ‘O’. Brace yourself for this knockout beat tape. 

There must be more? Uh huh: http://10thletter.bandcamp.com

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