Ta-ku – D U S T Y [Beat Tape]

I really need to hop a flight to Australia. For one, I’d really love to go to a bar and say, “I’ll have a Foster’s, please.” Secondly, the music is amazing (didgeridoo you know what I’m saying?) Ignore that joke for your own safety/health. Ta-ku, a Red Bull Academy participant, skilled producer and proud Australian just released D U S T Y—19 scratchy, clear-your-throat hip-hop beats. “#dusty1” starts off like any walk through the city. Same old streets, same old sample intro and then it begins to stride as the bass drum thumps. The vinyl crackles so much you’ll want to dust off your earlobes. It’s all good vibes, good music, and a gorgeous beat compilation.  

50 Days for Dilla: http://soundcloud.com/takugotbeats 

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