Jahshua Smith x Stewrat – The Final Season [Album]

A while ago Jahshua Smith, emcee from Detroit, hit me up about his upcoming album, that would become The Final Season. He said,  I’m from Detroit and I’ve known Ryan (Stewrat) for years. He’s been my personal producer for a while now, and this next project is the first time I’ll be able to do a whole LP with solely his production… And…I never replied because … Continue reading Jahshua Smith x Stewrat – The Final Season [Album]

Mr. Troy x Junclassic – Figures [Album]

“This album is dope.” That’s pretty subjective, right? Well, there are several “scientific” reasons why Figures is, in fact, dope. 1.) BEATS. 100% of these beats are ill. Mr. Troy, Parisian MPC wizard, brings the heat on these 13 tracks. 2) 9/10 Dentists agree, Junclassic is the emcee of choice for these spastic, sample-heavy productions. The New York rapper’s deep bass rumblings are the peanut butter … Continue reading Mr. Troy x Junclassic – Figures [Album]

Deloney – STL-ien [Album]

How could I not talk about this album? With that artwork, come on…anyone that takes the time to pen that gorgeous piece deserves 100 words. A little Outkast reference never hurts either. Deloney, St. Louis emcee/producer, just dropped this album STL-ien and its Outkast homage goes further than just simple wordplay. “Supa Dupa Freak” sounds like it was ripped right out of Andre 3000’s clutches—from its infectious … Continue reading Deloney – STL-ien [Album]

Keyboard Kid – “BasedExorcism”

Ever been parachuting? Keyboard Kid, Seattle producer, best known for supplying the Based God airy beats, must have jumped before. As “BasedExorcism” steps out of the plane its pads become suspended—it’s slo-motion. Its heart is pumping. The synths are rubber clouds—thick and elastic. And, it’ll feel surreal, it’ll feel otherworldly, it’ll sound like sirens are screeching, “You. You there. Welcome,” through the cloth of air … Continue reading Keyboard Kid – “BasedExorcism”