Deloney – STL-ien [Album]

How could I not talk about this album? With that artwork, come on…anyone that takes the time to pen that gorgeous piece deserves 100 words. A little Outkast reference never hurts either. Deloney, St. Louis emcee/producer, just dropped this album STL-ien and its Outkast homage goes further than just simple wordplay. “Supa Dupa Freak” sounds like it was ripped right out of Andre 3000’s clutches—from its infectious off-key singing down to the playful whistling at the end, it’s a dead ringer for a 3stacks stylistic jam. It’s good though. It’s replayable, creative and the production is funky fresh. Only knock is that the only place to download it is on Dat Piff, which, normally destroys a project’s credibility immediately. Though, “Supa Dupa Freak” is a winner.

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