Mood Tattooed – Pirate Treasures [Album]

You’re on an abandoned tropical island. You’re lost. Through the dense jungle you trek to find others, hacking at banana leaves, flailing past spider webs…hours pass, “I’m so fucked.” But, you notice this muffled bass pulling you in, bits of laughter, birds crowing, a jazzy saxophone—“I’m so fucked….I’ve lost my mind,” you think. Nope. In that dense jungle of Purchase, NY is Mood Tattooed‘s Pirate Treasuresthe howling distorted guitar, driving bass, snappy snare and spacious sounds are not a mirage. They’re real fucking good beats. Mood Tattooed is friends with the time traveler Tortilla Pass & he’s making similarly glitchy, hip-hop inspired beats. These are dope.   

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