Forester. – Hairstyles [EP] [Free DL]

This one comes to me from, Purchase, NY producer Mood Tattooed. I asked, “Name some seriously underrated Soundcloud artists with dope tracks.” He answered, simply, “this guy. good buddy o mine. he makes the dank.” Forester is “this guy’s” name and he certainly makes the dank. His EP Hairstyles is a plethora of slept on beats—it as some chopped up piano samples, lo-fi hisses and guitar lines with … Continue reading Forester. – Hairstyles [EP] [Free DL]

Mood Tattooed – Pirate Treasures [Album]

You’re on an abandoned tropical island. You’re lost. Through the dense jungle you trek to find others, hacking at banana leaves, flailing past spider webs…hours pass, “I’m so fucked.” But, you notice this muffled bass pulling you in, bits of laughter, birds crowing, a jazzy saxophone—“I’m so fucked….I’ve lost my mind,” you think. Nope. In that dense jungle of Purchase, NY is Mood Tattooed‘s Pirate … Continue reading Mood Tattooed – Pirate Treasures [Album]