Nefarious! – The Dream Theory [Album]

Nefarious is “(typically of an action or activity) Wicked or criminal.” It’s a word that’s often replaced by villainous or mischievous—it’s an old term relegated to teen detective novels. Nefarious!, Soul Dojo producer, pumps life back into the word. On The Dream Theory Nef uses heavy 808s, flowing synths and bong gurgles to inflate the tracks until they pop. “Tolerance Break” sounds like a welcome mutation of his track “Still You” (a personal favorite) from his previous release. “Oceans” is a dream. It’s wavy. Its pads are Dragon Ball Z cloud surfing. This release is wicked—it’s criminal. This release is nefarious. For hip-hop heads and beat fanatics of all kinds this album is a must listen.  

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