Karoshi – “Walking In Fields” [Free DL]

The ‘CUTE, SMART, & SEXY’ East to West hipped me to Karoshi, who, are awesome. Despite their single’s cover looking like a fingerprint lollipop, “Walking In Fields,” is a gloriously glitchy, marvelously malfunctioned and delicate release. It’s delicate in the way that if the track were a concrete object it’d be a type of see-through lingerie. The vocals are silky, sexy. The drums are stitched, but tearaway. The blips and beeps are fragile and fleeting. The electro-piano lines are hot and bothered. The whole track makes my ears sweat and I’m pretty sure the wallpaper is peeling off of the walls. And, I’m certain that’s the normal reaction. This is dope.

Give yourself a Valentine’s Day treat: http://karoshi.bandcamp.com 

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