shak. – “Maybe, U” [MM Premiere]

I first encountered shak.‘s music through this fantastic remix collection of his which no longer exists online, sorry folks. He flipped Jeremih, Drake, and made it all his own—driving, downtempo, dark versions. (I’m lucky I got a DL in!) Marinate has the pleasure of premiering his newest creation. He says, “it’s different from my other work,” but that’s not a bad thing. shak. is a young … Continue reading shak. – “Maybe, U” [MM Premiere]

Charles Murdoch – “Chips” & “Chains” [Free DL]

Australian producer Charles Murdoch continues to make these phenomenal downtempo jams and give them away for free. If he was a car salesman his name would be ‘Crazy Charlie’ for his unbelievably generous spirit. “…Practically giving these away for FREE. That’s right, for free….” He’s not offering up lemons either (like some seedy salesman might), but chilled out house/hip-hop blends that could easily be packaged and sold. If you’re … Continue reading Charles Murdoch – “Chips” & “Chains” [Free DL]

St. Eden – IHTDW / ONNN [EP]

Well, what do we have here? It’s just…Kiwi producer St. Eden not only bringing that downtempo steez, but also making some nasty hip-hop inspired beats. No big deal. IHTDW / ONNN features a couple sub bass tracks—it’s a thumping kick drum away from UK garage territory. It’s an A-side—B-side release, but without that half-baked, half-assed B-side vibe. If you’re unfamiliar with the New Zealand-native, Eden, is a … Continue reading St. Eden – IHTDW / ONNN [EP]

Kondra Kasma – Topham [EP]

Looking for some ambient stargazer music? Well, Charleston, SC producer Kondra Kasma offers up some filtered, telescopic tunes for space explorers and hip-hop fanatics alike. Topham, an eight track kaleidoscopic journey, sounds like it’s pinging off some distant satellite directly to your speakers. “Ambidexter” chugs past white dwarfs, zig-zags through meteorite fields and zooms off into the vast unknown of the universe. It’s some lo-fi, fuzzy, trickling … Continue reading Kondra Kasma – Topham [EP]

Charles Murdoch – “Only ke” [Free DL]

Charles Murdoch, Brisbane based producer, drops some kick-back-and-relax, downtempo bass music on the regular. Press play and “Only ke” opens up by thumping like a heartbeat. Only that’s no human heart. It’s an electo-bodied AI, I, Robot heart—gadgets fire up, subtle elements click and control panels slink on. You’ll want to download this track. Continue reading Charles Murdoch – “Only ke” [Free DL]

Noyce – Shmank [Album]

Been fairly busy lately—so busy that I’ve been sleeping on some fantastic stuff. One of those ‘fantastic’ releases happens to be Noyce‘s Shmank. What’s a shmank? According to Urban Dictionary (which is more accurate if you’re of the 21st century & an internet fiend) shmank means, “To wipe your hands under your crotch and sweaty testicles, then slap someone.” [via] Let’s contextualize: Noyce, UK producer, is offering … Continue reading Noyce – Shmank [Album]

Smoke Room – Caramelism [Album]

Looking for some downtempo electronic tunage? Plenty of big bass, sliced vocals and echoed/delayed ambiance? If that’s your speed Smoke Room’s Caramelism is what you’re looking for. Smoke Room is Kyle XY Y. of Minneapolis who creates driving, smoky beats (no pun intended, I mean is that even that punny anyway?) “Frowning & Smiling” is an upbeat track with some cool dancing leads and background vocals that … Continue reading Smoke Room – Caramelism [Album]

Karoshi – “Walking In Fields” [Free DL]

The ‘CUTE, SMART, & SEXY’ East to West hipped me to Karoshi, who, are awesome. Despite their single’s cover looking like a fingerprint lollipop, “Walking In Fields,” is a gloriously glitchy, marvelously malfunctioned and delicate release. It’s delicate in the way that if the track were a concrete object it’d be a type of see-through lingerie. The vocals are silky, sexy. The drums are stitched, but tearaway. … Continue reading Karoshi – “Walking In Fields” [Free DL]