Kondra Kasma – Topham [EP]

Looking for some ambient stargazer music? Well, Charleston, SC producer Kondra Kasma offers up some filtered, telescopic tunes for space explorers and hip-hop fanatics alike. Topham, an eight track kaleidoscopic journey, sounds like it’s pinging off some distant satellite directly to your speakers. “Ambidexter” chugs past white dwarfs, zig-zags through meteorite fields and zooms off into the vast unknown of the universe. It’s some lo-fi, fuzzy, trickling synth, downtempo, hi-hat riding music of the stars. Kasma says about Topham, “Lush atmospheres / transportation to completely new worlds of sound… lofi to hifi and everything in between….. tis wonderful… and free.” [via] Tis the truth. This is some solid transportation music.     

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