RIMAR // Marinate Mix

RIMAR / Marinate Mix [MM Premiere] Artist: RIMAR Artwork: Paul Smith RIMAR is a fantastic new age r&b producer. On his two most recent releases, Higher Ground and Closer,he crafts soulful sounds that drift and smoke. It’s an auditory experience. The Ohio to Brooklyn beat-smith has also been known to DJ from time to time. His Marinate Mix entitled RAIN is a hour long dance party jam-packed with jams by Fellows and Island Noyze, … Continue reading RIMAR // Marinate Mix

Blithe Field // Marinate Mix

Blithe Field / Marinate Mix [MM Premiere] Artist: Blithe Field Artwork: Jeff Rochester When I first listened to Blithe Field’s beautiful wave ‘74, I was captivated by his brand of lo-fi, guitar splash, odd sampled beats. After the thousandth run through (only slightly exaggerating,) I decided that the title was appropriately deep as it was from out of left-field. “Yeah. beautiful wave,” I thought, “just like the album is a wave … Continue reading Blithe Field // Marinate Mix

The Blank // Marinate Mix

The Blank / Marinate Mix [MM Premiere] Artist: The Blank Artwork: Jeff Rochester The Blank will be one of your favorite artists to emerge this year. I repeat: The Blank, a.k.a. Henry Ashcroft, will become one of your favorite artists. Plus, this mix is awesome. His Marinate Mix premieres the track, “Mirrors” that’ll be featured on his upcoming EP with Darker Than Wax and “Smoke” his collaboration with … Continue reading The Blank // Marinate Mix

Teen Daze // Marinate Mix [MM Premiere]

Teen Daze / Marinate Mix [MM Premiere] Artist: Teen Daze Artwork: Lefse Records Teen Daze! Teen Daze! Teen Daze! Marinate was fortunate enough to snag a mix from one of our favorite mystical, through-the-rabbit-hole, luscious echo/delay artists on the scene today. BE ON THE LOOKOUT. MARK YOUR CALENDARS. NOW.   The Canuck’s debut album with Lefse Records, All Of Us, Together, will drop on May 22nd. This mix is gorgeous. I hope ya’ll … Continue reading Teen Daze // Marinate Mix [MM Premiere]

StewRat // Marinate Mix Mike Slott – My Lightbridge Madvillain – Rhinestone Cowboy (instrumental) Evidence – Chase the Clouds Away (prod. by Alchemist) N*E*R*D interlude and N*E*R*D – Run To the Sun Hystereo – Interweb Sievert – Be Pleasant Fakebeat – Your Wish (is my command) Angelo Tinsley – Get Down With Me Nite Jewel – Am I Real? 9th Wonder – Hi Dazzle 9th Wonder – Excerpt from the Leaky Beat Vault Median – How … Continue reading

Beat Culture // Marinate Mix

Beat Culture / Marinate Mix [MM Premiere] Artist: Sunik Kim Artwork: Jeff Rochester You know how I know Beat Culture, a.k.a. Sunik Kim, is awesome? The second song in this mix is MF DOOM’s “Hoe Cakes.” Solid. Next song: Star Slinger’s “Dutchie Courage” Yeah, this is awesome. Today, Marinate Media is proud to host his Marinate Mix, which, carries a MM lifetime guarantee, “Will induce dancing or…nothing…just trust … Continue reading Beat Culture // Marinate Mix

(Dose) // Marinate Mix

(Dose) / Marinate Mix [MM Premiere] Artist: Jeremy Rike Artwork: Jeff Rochester If you’re unfamiliar with (Dose), a.k.a. Jeremy Rike, you’re a terrible person. Terrible. Okay, not really, but you’ve been missing out on some gorgeous beats. Today, Marinate Media is proud to host his Marinate Mix, featuring tracks from a boom-bap legend to the King of Pop and shapers of today’s sound. (Dose) recently released a … Continue reading (Dose) // Marinate Mix