Blithe Field // Marinate Mix

Blithe Field / Marinate Mix [MM Premiere]

Artist: Blithe Field

Artwork: Jeff Rochester

When I first listened to Blithe Field’s beautiful wave ‘74, I was captivated by his brand of lo-fi, guitar splash, odd sampled beats. After the thousandth run through (only slightly exaggerating,) I decided that the title was appropriately deep as it was from out of left-field. “Yeah. beautiful wave,” I thought, “just like the album is a wave of static and fuzz.” I was surprised to find out that the Waaga artist was inspired by a friend’s nonsensical Japanese shirt. Meh, but what do I know? This Marinate Mix has some Black Moth Super Rainbow, Explosions in the Sky and a whole lot of chilled out poetic folk. I love this mix. I think you’ll dig it too.      

Hit the skip for tracklist.

  1. brother android- the winddown
  2. black moth super rainbow- i think it is beautiful that you are 256 colors too
  3. long long long- if there’s a rumble, you guiys’ll back me, right?
  4. coma cinema- have you?
  5. mono lisa- evil, flood-colored city
  6. a wonderful- know i have no how
  7. dustin wong- infinite love (3)
  8. explosions in the sky- day three
  9. adam gnade- run hide retreat surrender

Illuminating Moments – Blithe Field from Mike Mytnick on Vimeo.

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