(Dose) // Marinate Mix

(Dose) / Marinate Mix [MM Premiere]

Artist: Jeremy Rike

Artwork: Jeff Rochester

If you’re unfamiliar with (Dose), a.k.a. Jeremy Rike, you’re a terrible person. Terrible. Okay, not really, but you’ve been missing out on some gorgeous beats. Today, Marinate Media is proud to host his Marinate Mix, featuring tracks from a boom-bap legend to the King of Pop and shapers of today’s sound. (Dose) recently released a hazy, two-step inducing album, When We Were High, that’s seriously, seriously free—free floating sounds and free to snag. Check out his mix to hear what he’s listening to and what motivates him. 

Hit the skip to see tracklist.

Nosaj Thing – “Aquarium” 
Ackryte – “Come Naturally” 
J. Dilla – “Time The Donut Of The Heart” 
Matthewdavid – “Rome rough II” 
Clams Casino – “The World Needs Change” 
Michael Jackson – “Man In The Mirror” 
How To Dress Well – “I Wish (R. Kelly cover)” 
J. Dilla – “Bye.” 
Memoryhouse – “Lately” 
Jay Electronica – “Eternal Sunshine Of The Spotless Mind” 
Balam Acab – “Oh Why”

Dose “Is that you?” from Hugo RedRose on Vimeo.

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