Octo/Leagues – Octo/Leagues [Beat Tape]

There isn’t a day where I don’t think, “Damn Australia, you fine. Your beat scene? Amazing. And dat ass.” It’s true though. I was talking to Holly from East to West a while back and she said it like this, “One day everyone just dropped their guitars and picked up keyboards.” And, thank Allah for that. From artists like Ta-ku to Charles Murdoch to The Blank—it’s gold. Has the smallest continent’s water supply somehow been tainted by ‘Michael’s Secret Stuff’!? (Space Jam reference for those knuckleheads who don’t know….) Point…there is a point to this rant…point is Aussie producers Octo and Leagues pair up to share space on a cassette tape release and it’s dope. Octo’s beats are jazzy, downtempo hip-hop instrumentals. Leagues makes spastic, fuzzy, funk fueled jams. Plain and simple: Octo/Leagues is good.

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