Seabright – “For Icy” (Glam Shell Remix) [Free DL]

Seabright is producer Justin Morales who specializes in combining indie rock sensibilities and laptop synth action. It’s nice. His album Lost Ones is pretty fucking gnarly. So, for several reasons—one being that “For Icy” is a fantastic stepping stone to create an evil, filthy, hard-hitting remix—Glam Shell decides to glam it up. (If you’re one to compare and contrast shit, then you can check out Seabright’s original here.) Glam Shell, Louisville, KY, producer steps up to the track, turns up the volume, emphasizes the tracks crawling synths, adds tons of snare runs and heavy 808s. And, done. Just…done. You want a trunk rattling hip-hop/electronic remix? This is it. 

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