This Lasers EP is something you should check out. Like, now. Back in March of 2011—I’ll never forget the day—I was minding my own business and Lupe Fiasco drops Lasers (his third, highly-anticipated release) fuckin’ Lasers and he officially soured my love for the word ‘lasers’ forever. Every time I hear the word a deep-seeded rage overcomes me, I turn green and burst out of my snug t-shirt…. No, that’s not entirely true. I don’t turn green. And, hopefully after years of therapy and a good Lupe album later I’ll finally overcome this hatred I harbor. I mean, what a cool fucking word, laaaayzuuuurs. So, it saddens me when such a good great EP like João Pedro Costa‘s Lasers is cursed to have the same name as Mr. Kick Push’s shit work. This LASERS features the Portuguese producer’s shape-shifting electronic music that skates around like Marty McFly on a hoverboard. It’s fucking cool music.          Finally, something called lasers that doesn’t blow. Thank you Mr. Costa. 

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