Kings – Endless Fog [EP]

Kings says, “The name Endless Fog comes from a journey home in a car with my team, TRXJVN family, DTM. On our way back from Bristol all we could see was pure thick fog surrounding everything, we could barely see anything hence the name Endless Fog. It also represents the thoughts I used to have about wanting something to happen so badly but it never would, a foggy sense of hope without realistically thinking.” You know what I think? 

That’s a whole lot of mumbo jumbo to accompany an album that’s filled with electro/trap beats. I get it. As an artists there are these “moments” and you’ll try and describe these “moments” in your art (or in terrible -pseudo-philosophical paragraphs). Kings, producer from Swindon, UK, should just say it like it is…Endless Fog is five track traptastic EP, no frills, no foggy outlook on life—just trap shit.

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