Broken Bones – “Love Inc.” (Shash’U Remix)

Shash’U, producer from Montreal, takes Broken Bones’ “Love Inc.” and makes it an electronic/hip-hop banger. He calls it “Broken Souls” probably because he breaks up vocal tracks and adds some 808s for good measure. The Canuck was featured in Brownswood Recording’s Kutmah Presents Worldwide Family Volume 2. So he’s no secret. If Giles knows, we all must know.  Continue reading Broken Bones – “Love Inc.” (Shash’U Remix)

Bengfang – The Gossip Hour [EP]

Want some good music? For free? How about really good music? Bengfang, Chicago producer, just dropped his debut EP The Gossip Hour and it’s loaded with heavy, cranked-up beats. This…this is damn good. “Ridin Doe”, “Institute” and “Living Official” feel like they’re a grimy, slurred verse or two away from being perfect banger tracks (though, they hit hard as it is). The release’s nine tracks often … Continue reading Bengfang – The Gossip Hour [EP]