Constrobuz – Rain and Dust [Beat Tape]

It’s always a good idea to use Times New Roman on an album cover. Just ask NC producer Constrobuz and he’ll agree. So posh. So snooty/business class like. Yeah…. Honestly, I love this Japanese bootleg look—it’s a statement dunk. It’s a, “Yeah, these are some dope jazzy hip-hop beats. It’s so good people are dubbing it on tapes and selling them at street markets/bazaars. Fuck the industry!” Constrobuz is best known for the producing Mr. Muthafuckin’ eXquire’s “Lou Ferigno’s Mad” and a collabo track featuring Danny Brown. This tape takes a step away from his usual oddball, quirky, muffled sampling work and turns it way down. Way down. Rain and Dust is so chill you’ll have to drink coffee while listening to avoid frostbite. Start brewing and press that sideways triangle all day long.


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