Booddha – “Roses” [Free DL]

“And, crash! crash! crash! into a ditch (Just Playin.)” Classic. It’s one of the iconic tracks off of Outkast’s, err, Andre 3000’s side of Speakerboxx/The Love Below. And, will his alleged solo album ever drop? I’ve given up hope. Booddha, one-half of Vresh, recently dropped an EP that’s intense. But, he’s not done. Nah, not close. He gets ambitious and flips “Roses” by taking Andre’s howling, “pooooo pooo poo” and then turns it into a downtempo jam. Its bass thumps, its synths hum and it has serious vocal slices. Sometimes “roses really smell like poo poo”—this “Roses”, it’s all good. 


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