Shatter Hands – 404 Sessions [Album]

What’s fuzzy, spits out bass and sports a mean growl? A grizzly bear!? Yes, but no. It’s Shatter Hands‘s 404 Sessions. (What’s lamer than that intro? Nothing. Sorry.) Really, these beats are fuzzy, jazzy, sweet, sexy, and head nodding bliss.

Shatter Hands says, “I bought the Roland SP-404SX back in August 2011….never got around to reading the manual….Then in mid-February 2012 I sat down, read the manual, [and] made the first session….” [via]  

I usually never read the manual to anything, I kind of just say, “Fuck it, how hard can this be…” (like, when I’m writing introductions).  But, Shatter Hands doesn’t skip the instructions and it’s good he doesn’t. These beats are nice.

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