Box of Wolves – Crawl [EP]

As I sit here lamenting about the oodles of #SXSW posts on my Twitter feed, I’m also trying to make up reasons why it’s OK that I’m not in Austin. Reason 1: I’d have to deal with Cowboys fans. Reason 2: Aahhhhh shit. I can’t do this. Perhaps the silver lining is that I get to keep up on dope artist’s releases like Box of Wolves‘s Crawl.    

Crawl by Canadian artist Gabriel Akinrinmade sounds like it could’ve been the B-Side soundtrack to the movie Drive. The EPs synths drive. Its vocal samples are giddy, high-pitched bliss. Its ’90s dance vibe speeds off into the sunset and make for some nostalgic sounds. Walk, run, hop, skip or crawl to your headphones to play Crawl.

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