Jay Cue – Asleep At The Keys [EP]

Potholes In My Blog has premiered Jay Cue’s Asleep At The Keys. Awesome. See, Jay Cue has collaborated with Jet Age of Tomorrow, loosely associates himself with the OFWGKTA crew and makes funky tracks. This is awesome. The EP’s seven tracks employ misty, expansive pads, smart percussion elements and a singing style that’s slightly ajar. It’s odd. It’s odd and appealing in the way Andre 3000’s off kilter, shrill singing is both unique and beautiful. Asleep At The Keys is really like the kind of narcolepsy that bad musicians have when they’re hard at work—they fall asleep—their daydreams are these songs—they have women all around them—people love their music—they wake up—it was only a dream. Jay Cue, however, is living the dream and making it a reality. These tracks are dope.       

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