AbJo – The Lost Won [EP]

AbJo just announced, “Come at me bro,” by releasing a four track (9min runtime) EP sampling just one song. The Lost Won (he’s stolen the name of my pick-up basketball team)samples Kanye West’s “Lost In The World” and that’s it. The rest is AbJo flexing his producing muscles showing us he’s able to turn one entity into four different beats. And, they’re bangers. Awesome. Sidenote: … Continue reading AbJo – The Lost Won [EP]

Jay Cue – Asleep At The Keys [EP]

Potholes In My Blog has premiered Jay Cue’s Asleep At The Keys. Awesome. See, Jay Cue has collaborated with Jet Age of Tomorrow, loosely associates himself with the OFWGKTA crew and makes funky tracks. This is awesome. The EP’s seven tracks employ misty, expansive pads, smart percussion elements and a singing style that’s slightly ajar. It’s odd. It’s odd and appealing in the way Andre … Continue reading Jay Cue – Asleep At The Keys [EP]