Astrobal – Poetry & Science Fiction

Astrobal – Poetry & Science-Fiction by Plug Research

Here’s what’s great about this EP: It’s as if Dâm-Funk had a lovechild with Kate Bush. Next, it’s really a whole lot of genres mashed together (pop, folk, electronica) to make some flavorful French-cuisine-music. Astrobal recently signed with Plug Research and Poetry & Science Fiction is the prerequisite to his upcoming album. He says: 

I named the project Poetry & Science-Fiction because I see my music as a mix between fiction and true reality, between space and everyday life, relationship and imagination, between François Truffaut & Philip K. Dick. [via]

Well, that’s a whole lotta respect he just earned there. Mentioning my favorite sci-fi author (Ubik, Do Andriods Dream of Electric Sheep?) and creating awesome music? This cat is for real. 

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