naps. – “fauna”

Naps., This Thing artist, dropped his EP Earthsea in August and left off “fauna”—a bonus track exclusive to the physical release—that is something special. The three minute track is a muffled, atmospheric journey. The highlight of the track, besides its ambient tractorbeam-like nature, is these trailing woodwinds drifting far off in the background. Catch the wave, bruh. New tagline for the Melbourne producer: “Naps doesn’t sleep … Continue reading naps. – “fauna”

Soosh – SoFar [EP]

This is outside music. What is this ‘outside’ you speak of? If it’s sunny and around 80 degrees (like it is here) you’ll need to take Soosh’s SoFar outside. Find a nice patch of grass and find joy in watching freshly budded branches sway side-to-side. Hell, I’m inside and listenin’ to these warm rays of sound, clicks, shakers, sliced vocals akin to any breeze with personality … Continue reading Soosh – SoFar [EP]

Astrobal – Poetry & Science Fiction

Astrobal – Poetry & Science-Fiction by Plug Research Here’s what’s great about this EP: It’s as if Dâm-Funk had a lovechild with Kate Bush. Next, it’s really a whole lot of genres mashed together (pop, folk, electronica) to make some flavorful French-cuisine-music. Astrobal recently signed with Plug Research and Poetry & Science Fiction is the prerequisite to his upcoming album. He says:  I named the project Poetry … Continue reading Astrobal – Poetry & Science Fiction