Hashfinger – “a3.July11”

a3.July11 by Never MP

Nope. The fact that this jazz sampled, hip-hop beat dropped on my birthday isn’t the reason I picked up on it. It was the chill nature and the fact it stings the senses like sulfur after twenty-two candles blow out. Whoops, I mean, the woodwinds are straight fire; the bells hit the eardrums like gifts. Damn. Hashfinger–UK producer and Sinoptic Music artist–polishes a jazz ensemble equipped with bassoon, cymbal rides, upright bass and turns out a dim-lit, smoky, high stakes card game. It’s pinstriped suits, 1920s stylistic hip-hop with great timing. What better day to drop than July 11th?

Download “a3.July11” and the rest of his five track EP July.11.     

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