Beat Culture – Goldenbacked Weaver


When I was 16 I got my driver’s license and became a threat to drivers everywhere. Sunik Kim, a.k.a. Beat Culture, at 16 has released Goldenbacked Weaver and become a threat to electronic/chillwave/experimental artists everywhere. Reinventing several Beyonce tracks from “Halo” on “Westminster” to “Naughty Girl” on “Hesitate” they’re no longer pop, smooth radio hits, but nearly indistinguishable howls. His influences include Gold Panda, Burial and James Blake, but I wouldn’t be surprised if he’s spun a few World Class Wreckin’ Cru era Dr. Dre albums. The album isn’t free, but musically it is; it’s swirling like exhaust from speeding vehicles, open road, pedal to the floor music. I’d get pulled over at 16, all pimple-faced and scrawny as a broom. This kid gets to push tracks past the limit.

Sample his album Goldenbacked Weaver here.     

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