Beat Culture – Tokyo Dreamer [Album]

It’s out! *exhale* I was fortunate enough to get a preview of this album a few days ago and I’ve had to hold back my excitement. Tokyo Dreamer is Beat Culture‘s second full-length album and it’s all sorts of awesome. It’s got your staggering synths and some fuckin’ percussion that gets the music running at 1.5 gazillion MPH. Though, the 10 track beat parade (40 mins … Continue reading Beat Culture – Tokyo Dreamer [Album]

Beat Culture – Goldenbacked Weaver

                       When I was 16 I got my driver’s license and became a threat to drivers everywhere. Sunik Kim, a.k.a. Beat Culture, at 16 has released Goldenbacked Weaver and become a threat to electronic/chillwave/experimental artists everywhere. Reinventing several Beyonce tracks from “Halo” on “Westminster” to “Naughty Girl” on “Hesitate” they’re no longer pop, smooth radio hits, … Continue reading Beat Culture – Goldenbacked Weaver